iPads in the classroom

We are currently involved in a number of projects supporting schools in their deployment of iPads in the classroom.

We find a number of common themes where schools need support are key areas we are supporting schools with:

What Apps do we buy to support the curriculum?

There are such a wealth of Apps on the App store that purchasing can be confusing. We can help you by suggesting  and showing you how to use Creative Apps,  that have been tried and tested in the classroom.

Moving and sharing Content

iPads are devices have been developed for personal use, moving sharing and managing content can be an issue.  We can help you with cloud storage and linking to your network drives. E-safety and managing data is a high priority and we can discus appropriate use.

Sharing Content through the Whiteboard – projector

There are a number of ways of connecting to your projector through Apps, cables or devices – we can help discuss your needs and the best solutions for your school.

Here are some suggested courses we can run

Beginners: Using your iPad as a tool in the classroom

Suggested Course Content

  • An introduction to the iPad- how it works- buttons, gestures,
  • Setting up wireless  access
  • Intro to the Apps – camera, safari, notes, ibooks
  • The App store – downloading apps, books

 Efficient ways of working using your iPad– Using Productivity Apps on the iPad

  • Organiser tools – tasks, calendars,
  • Hardware and kit to extend usage in the classroom– sharing screens, IWB apps,
  • note taking
  • File sharing
  • creating resources – to share with students
  • student response systems

Getting started with iPads in the classroom 

    • Creating-  Audio, presentations, screencasts, using camera, video – editing
    • Student Response System – Socrative, Nearpod, Showbie
    • Organiser – note taking, tasks,
    • Classroom Managing tools- file sharing and handing in
    • Educational Games

Digital Story Telling  on the iPad – Creative use of the iPad to create and tell stories

Suggested Course Content

  • Developing  the use of creative tools ( apps) to create content to tell stories e.g. puppet pals, comic life, My story book maker
  • More with pictures , Talking Tom, Morfo, photospeak
  • Creating and adding audio – audio boo, voice thread
  • Making movies – Imovie, action movie FX
  • Planning tools – Popplet